KNetFramework is an SDK that enables quick development of stand-alone GUI applications in JavaScript and PHP. It is an ideal solution for applications such as controlling/interfacing with embedded systems.

Imagine writing a user interface in Html, CSS and JavaScript, developing application logics in PHP, and optionally handling CPU intensive tasks with C++, KNetFramework is such an SDK. Here are some highlights of KNetFramework:

  • Fully Integrated

    KNetFramework seamlessly integrates WebKit Browser, Http Server and PHP into a single executable. Everything runs within a single process (address space) to ensure high performance. Without using sockets (ports) for inter-component communications, applications developed with KNetFramework are self-contained, secure and can be easily distributed.

  • Code Protection

    KNetFramework provides an integrated runtime environment to execute encrypted JavaScript and PHP code.

  • Ajax

    Supports both synchronized and asynchronized modes.

  • Extensively Tested

    KNote, a sophisticated note taking application is developed using KNetFramework.

  • Supported Platform

    KNetFramework currently only supports Windows but we are in the process of porting it into Linux and OSX.

  • Demo

    For a demo of KNetFramework, Please download KNote